Rotherhithe primary school welcomes two maths teachers from Shanghai

Redriff Primary City of London Academy has this week welcomed two teachers from Shanghai to teach maths and to showcase lessons to dozens of other local teachers.

The two primary school teachers, Vanessa Ruan and Anne Zhu, will be teaching at the Salter Road school as part of the Department of Education sponsored China-England teacher exchange.

In 2015 Redriff Primary was chosen “as leading provider” of maths teaching.

The school was accepted as new members of the nationwide ‘Maths Hub’ and last year Redriff was in the top 3% of schools nationally for progress in maths.

The ‘Maths Hub’ is a partnership of schools across UK, split into local divisions, which collaborate, and share information and practices related to the teaching of Mathematics.

Mickey Kelly, Executive Headteacher for Redriff Primary City of London Academy, said:

“We are delighted to welcome the teachers over from Shanghai. Though geographically distant we share an enthusiasm for teaching and a determination for children to succeed in Mathematics.

“East Asian countries have been paving the way for excellence in teaching mathematics for several years, ranking top places in international tests.

“Their ‘mastery’ approach to teaching mathematics is beginning to heavily influence practices in the UK.

“We are always asking children to learn something new, to take on board new methods to try a different thing. We need to take a leaf from our own book, to look at what works in other countries and to magpie their best ideas.

“If our children and our country is to thrive in a global economy - we need to be up there with the best.”

In 2018 in the subject of Mathematics, Year 6 pupils achieved well above national averages.

Last year a school in Shanghai hosted two of Redriff’s teachers as part of the same exchange programme.

Inspired by teaching approaches developed in Singapore and Shanghai, ‘mastery’ is an inclusive way of teaching that is grounded in the belief that all pupils can achieve in maths.

A concept is deemed mastered when learners can represent it in multiple ways, can communicate solutions using mathematical language and can independently apply the concept to new problems.

The teachers will be at the school for a fortnight starting January 14. They will end their stay with two showcase lessons for teachers from around London South East boroughs to observe, followed by a post lesson discussion.

Redriff Primary City of London Academy is part of the City of London Academies Trust, which runs the City Corporation’s sole sponsored academies. The school was awarded the ‘Schools for Success’ accreditation from the Mayor of London for pupil progress.

Notes to Editors

Picture caption (left to right) - Anne Zhu (Shanghai teacher), Mickey Kelly (Executive Headteacher), Charlotte Heath (Head of School) and Vanessa Ruan (Shanghai teacher).

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