Our Evening Standard letter: more needs to be done on London air pollution

[RE: Londoners tell party leaders: Do more to clean up city’s air, Nick Cecil, 28 April 2015]

London has a major air pollution problem and the main cause is emissions from road vehicles. Conditions are worse when coupled with pollution blown in from the continent, and poor air quality contributes to the premature death of over 4,000 Londoners a year.

As a local authority we are doing everything we can to fight back. We have produced our ‘CityAir’ app – which gives everyone a choice of low pollution routes for journeys in London - banned idling engines and introduced a 20mph speed limit to cut particulate matter. But much more needs to be done at national government level to limit diesel, which is having a serious impact on air quality and public health in the capital.

John Tomlinson, Environment Committee Deputy Chairman, City of London Corporation