New report shows City’s aspiration to become a world-leading sport and leisure destination

A new sports report is published showing the City of London is embarking on a programme to become a world-leading sport and leisure destination.

The City of London Corporation’s sport strategy, A Global City of Sport’, shows the Square Mile’s blueprint for sport and leisure until 2030 and beyond.

It reveals the organisation’s commitment to supporting the development of a number of high-profile mass participation and spectator events, such as fun runs, cycle races, and basketball competitions, that boost economic growth, showcase the City’s attractions, and improve people’s physical and mental health.

The City Corporation is the governing body of the Square Mile, and sport is critical to its ambitions, through the organisation’s flagship Destination City programme, which sets out a vision to make the City a thriving, seven-day-a-week visitor destination.

The report also outlines how the City Corporation will:

  • Work to create a network of outdoor sport facilities, with free-to-use outdoor fitness equipment on up to 12 public spaces in the City;
  •  Work with partners, including developers, to create eye-catching new publicly- accessible facilities such as outdoor climbing walls, rooftop swimming pools, and padel courts;
  • Continue to celebrate the positive impact sport has on people’s lives and the wider economy, as well as the UK’s trade and global influence;
  • Hold an in-depth review of its current leisure facilities to ensure they provide the best possible experiences for users;
  •  Seek to invest in sport facilities across the Square Mile.

City of London Corporation Policy Chairman, Chris Hayward, said:

“The UK sports sector is integral to our economic success and global reach – and our research shows major UK sport events could deliver up to £4 billion of soft power, trade, and investment benefits in the next decade.

“The sector boosts the economy through job creation and spending, and by reducing healthcare costs due to a healthier population.

“But it is not all about economics – the social value of the UK sports industry is also clear. It transforms lives and is the glue that binds people and communities together.

“Sport is a cornerstone of our flagship Destination City programme, enhancing and elevating our attractiveness as a UK and global visitor destination.”


About City of London Corporation:

The City of London Corporation is the governing body of the Square Mile dedicated to a vibrant and thriving City, supporting a diverse and sustainable London within a globally-successful UK.

About Destination City:

The City of London Corporation’s flagship Destination City programme sets out a vision for the Square Mile to become a world-leading leisure destination for UK and global visitors, workers, and residents to enjoy.

Find out more about the Destination City Programme here:

Major sport events drive potential £4 billion ‘soft power’ boost to UK

Major sport events in the UK could deliver up to £4 billion of soft power, trade and investment benefits in the next decade, according to a report commissioned by the City of London Corporation and UK Sport.