City of London,

Letter to the FT on housebuilding


Policy Chairman Mark Boleat writes to the FT on the importance of tackling the housing crisis.  


The latest report into the scale of the housing crisis (FT, 5 November) should be seen by all policy makers as a call to action. If Britain, particularly London, fails to build the housing needed by its growing population, this will damage our international competitiveness. We cannot let our diverse and growing economy be undermined by a lack of housing. That’s why the City has announced a plan to build 3,700 homes over the next 10 years – because we all have to play our part and take action. We are looking at all the possible options to build the homes that people need, including commercial partners, shared ownership, and housing association partnerships. The time for talking about the housing crisis is over – we must act now.

Mark Boleat, Policy Chairman, City of London Corporation (EC2V)