Letter to Guardian: City Corporation backs UK vehicle emissions probe

[REF: UK will re-run emissions tests across car industry in wake of Volkswagen rigging, Guardian, Friday 25 September 2015]

The government’s decision to launch its own investigation into vehicle emissions testing, following the US and EU Volkswagen scandals, is welcome news.

Given the on-going non-compliance of oxides of nitrogen emissions from diesel cars, it is essential that the inquiry includes checks on vehicles other than those manufactured by Volkswagen in order to assess whether the current testing regime has been more widely manipulated.

There is a strong desire from the UK’s businesses and residents to see a major improvement in air quality. Here in London air pollution is responsible for thousands of premature deaths annually, and diesel emissions are a major problem. Vehicle tests should reflect typical driving conditions on the road.

We need to move further and faster on reducing pollution from diesel vehicles, and a review of policies which encourage people to drive diesel cars rather than petrol is immediately needed.

Jeremy Simons
Deputy Chairman, City of London Corporation’s Environment Committee, EC2V 7HH