Letter to Evening Standard: We must move urgently to reduce diesel pollution

[REF: 'Londoners would live a month longer with cleaner air’, Pippa Crerar, Evening Standard, Wednesday 23 March 2016]

The recent Policy Exchange study reveals a range of pollution-mitigating measures that the authorities can take to tackle London’s poor air quality.

We need to move urgently to reduce pollution from diesel vehicles, and reform of the Vehicle Excise Duty, which encourages people to drive diesel cars rather than petrol, is needed immediately.

And we urge the government to consider wider actions that can be taken to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles in the short term.

Financial incentives are needed to enable London’s buses and taxis to be zero emission capable as soon as possible. This should include a diesel taxi scrappage scheme and support for their transition to zero-emission vehicles.

Wendy Mead
Chairman, City of London Corporation’s Environment Committee