Letter to Evening Standard: London's businesses and residents want better air quality

[REF: Killer pollution in City hits top 'black' alert level, Nic Cecil, 20 January 2016]

Air pollution in London is a serious problem.

There is a strong desire from the capital’s businesses and residents to see a major improvement.

In our local authority area we are working with construction and demolition companies to reduce emissions from equipment used on sites in the City, and taxi companies to go ‘electric only’ in key areas of the Square Mile.

This builds on other initiatives such as banning idling engines and introducing a 20pmh zone in order to reduce public exposure. And our free City Air app gives alerts and routes to avoid pollution hotspots.

But we need to move further and faster on reducing pollution from diesel vehicles, and a review of policies which encourage people to drive diesel cars rather than petrol is immediately needed.

Wendy Mead
Chairman, City of London Corporation’s Environment Committee