Jeremy Browne speech - City of London Corporation annual Brussels reception

Jeremy Browne, Special Representative for the City of London Corporation, will give his first major speech at the Corporation’s annual Brussels reception this evening (13 October).

He is expected to say that Europe cannot afford to be ‘complacent’ in the quest for economic growth and stability. He will go onto praise the City of London as the ‘embodiment’ of the European ideal and as a real ‘European asset.’

The reception, hosted by Policy Chairman Mark Boleat, will bring together over 300 guests, including members of the European Parliament, European Commission and policy and government affairs representatives based in both Brussels and London.

The events aim is to provide an excellent opportunity for the City of London to engage with their European stakeholders.

Mr. Browne is expected to say this evening:

"Europe is a relatively prosperous continent but our share of the overall global economy will shrink significantly in the coming decades. We face much more intense competition. Economic power is no longer concentrated in a small number of industrialised nations. We cannot afford to be complacent, assuming that our success in the past gives us a right to be successful in the future.

"There is no divine decree that determines that the premier international financial centre must be located in Europe. The remarkable status of the City of London is built on solid historical foundations: the rule of law; a welcoming business environment; political stability and moderation; a free and inquisitive civic culture; and the English language.

"But it is also the product of the mindset that Britain - and Europe as a whole - will require in order to be prosperous and globally relevant. These features exist in abundance in the City of London: innovation and creativity; embracing change; industrious; internationalist.

"It is easy to talk about the European ideal; the City of London is the actual embodiment of it. Financial institutions from across our continent and the wider world; employees selected on the basis of talent rather than nationality; customers from every corner of the planet. This amazing creation is a model of organic growth, not central planning, fostered in the unique environment of London: a great European city. It is living proof that the people of Europe can come together to be more than the sum of their parts.

"So the City of London is not simply a British asset; it is a European asset. It is a powerful demonstration that, even with the enduring strength of America and the rising power of Asia, global excellence and leadership can still exist and flourish in our continent."

Mr. Browne started his position at the City of London Corporation in early September and his remit includes:

  • Engaging with the most senior EU policy makers and officials ensuring that the City Corporation remains fully engaged in EU policy making.
  • Providing insight to senior leaders of financial and professional services firms on EU policy development.
  • Explaining the value to senior EU opinion formers of London’s role as Europe’s international financial centre and how this supports EU-wide economic growth and job creation.
  • Influencing the development of relevant EU financial services and related policy dossiers.
  • Ensuring that the City’s voice is heard in Brussels ahead of the UK referendum on EU membership.