Henry Pollard has been re-elected as Chairman of the Markets Board

Henry Pollard has been re-elected as the Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Markets Board.

The Markets Board holds the responsibility of overseeing the management of Smithfield Market, Billingsgate Market, and New Spitalfields Market. This includes supervising the operations, activities, and administration of these markets.

Henry Pollard is an experienced professional with over 35 years of working in the financial services industry, including in Europe, Mexico, and London. He has held various senior positions in commodity, derivatives, capital raising, and fund management sectors, and was a founding member of EMFA (now known as AIMA).

Currently, he serves as the Managing Director at C&E Capital Consulting, representing funds and companies. Alongside holding the position of Chairman of the Markets Board, he serves on several other committees including Planning & Transportation, Port Health & and Environmental Services, Investments and Gresham committees.

Chairman of the Markets Board, Henry Pollard said:

“I am grateful to be re-elected as the Chairman of the City of London Corporation's Markets Board. The markets we oversee, including Smithfield, Billingsgate, and New Spitalfields, play a vital role in the city's economy. I am committed to ensuring their efficient management, promoting growth, and maintaining their significance as key hubs for commerce and food security.

“With my experience in the financial services industry and dedication to serving the City of London, I look forward to contributing to the continued success and development of these markets."