Comment: City of London welcomes the first international Green Bond issue by a Chinese bank

Mark Boleat, Policy Chairman of City of London welcomes the issuance of green bond by Agriculture Bank of China in London:

“Green bonds are already beginning to expand beyond the pioneering European and US markets to new markets like China, where the government already strongly committed to reform its bond markets and develop green financial products. It is well-recognised that China's bond market offers huge potential for foreign firms’ investment and as such offers a promising platform to support the global development of green bonds alongside other asset classes.

“There is huge potential for London to contribute to the transformation of China’s green financial system and to play a role in climate finance and cooperation between both industry players and government officials is already underway in several areas. The issuance of green bond by Agriculture Bank of China in London is the latest outcome of such cooperation. It is positive for the UK’s status as a leading global financial centre and the City’s role in a growing international market for RMB-denominated bonds.”