City women’s sexual and reproductive healthcare survey: have your say and help shape services

Contraception, pregnancy, relationships, and the menopause are among the topics in a survey launched today and aimed at informing and shaping sexual and reproductive health services in the City of London.

All women and those described at birth as female and who are now trans or non-binary; aged between 16 and 55; and living, working, or studying in the Square Mile, are being invited to share their views and experiences.

The survey will be an opportunity for all those taking part to make their voices heard, and to ensure that local services are meeting people’s needs; and ultimately, the feedback will lead to improved health outcomes, better quality of life, and fewer years spent in poor health.

The sexual and reproductive healthcare survey, which is open until Monday 30 May, can be accessed online via this link - - or by contacting to obtain a paper copy to be completed and returned to the Public Health team.

The City of London and Hackney Public Health team and Population Health Hub are providing the survey, with support from the North East London Clinical Commissioning Group.

Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Community and Children’s Services Committee, Ruby Sayed, said:

“This survey will help ensure that our sexual and reproductive health services are meeting people’s needs, and that those services are as effective as possible.

“We hope that people will share their concerns and experiences in a very frank and open way and that by doing so, it will lead to positive change in the way in which healthcare services are developed and delivered.”

Those who are eligible to participate, and who are registered with a City of London GP practice, may also be sent a text from their practice with a link to the survey. Anyone taking part in the survey and providing their contact details can choose to be entered into a prize draw to win one of three £50 vouchers.

As well as discussing any reproductive or women’s health concerns and needs with your GP, a full list of local services to support sexual and reproductive health can be accessed at


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