City of London’s anti-social behaviour patrol expanded

A mobile patrol service which aims to prevent, detect, and deter anti-social behaviour (ASB) and crime in the Square Mile has had its work extended by the City of London Corporation.

In addition to its tackling anti-social behaviour remit, Parkguard Ltd collects information and intelligence to help enforcement services with their longer-term criminal and civil enforcement action.

The City of London-wide service builds on the current operation that works on specific housing estates. The expansion will allow for:

  • the ability to deliver patrols on every day of the week as required (the current service is limited to five days)
  • uniformed solo and double-crewed patrols
  • ‘fast time tasking’ to respond to urgent or short notice ad-hoc taskings
  • City-wide coverage – taking the service beyond the current focus on specific estates

All Parkguard patrol officers wear uniform which makes them easily identifiable to members of the public.

Patrols will not be at fixed times, but will be able to operate between 11am and 2am, depending on the focus of their work.

Deployment of the new City-wide service will only be via referral from internal and external partners to the ASB Coordinator. Partners include housing services, the City of London Police, and a range of City of London Corporation services.

Residents, workers and others concerned about anti-social behaviour should continue to alert the City of London Police by calling 101, the ASB Portal, or through their Designated Ward Officers.

Tenants and leaseholders can also report issues to their landlords, or City Corporation services such as Environmental Health services that respond to noise complaints. These reports provide the intelligence that directs the patrol service.

Deputy Chair of the City of London Corporation’s Children and Community Services Department, Randall Anderson, said:

“Crime levels in the Square Mile are reassuringly low, but we must continue to work with the community to tackle anti-social behaviour.

“The expansion of Parkguard’s service will support the City of London Corporation’s commitment as a local authority organisation to pro-actively prevent this kind of behaviour and other types of crime across the Square Mile.”

The expanded service, funded by resources from the Proceeds of Crime Act, will run until October 2022, during which the impact and benefit of the service can be assessed.


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