City of London Corporation’s historic Guildhall becomes a Safe Haven for women and girls


The City of London Corporation’s Guildhall headquarters has been designated a ‘Safe Haven’ for women and girls in the Square Mile.

Safe Havens are a UK network of businesses and other organisations who help any member of the public who feels unsafe, harassed, or in a vulnerable situation.

Trained staff support people by contacting emergency or specialist services on their behalf, and providing water, Wi-Fi, telephones, toilets, and other facilities. 

 The City Corporation’s Safer City Partnership has worked with the Safer Business Network, which helps businesses tackle crime, violence, and antisocial behaviour in UK cities and towns, to achieve the accreditation.

City Corporation staff at Guildhall have undergone specialist training and the building will be signposted to the public with door and window stickers at the venue.

A list of Safe Havens in the Square Mile can be found on the City Corporation’s website and on the Safe Havens app for Apple and Android phones.

They will be able to help people by providing a friendly face and reassurance, can call the police, family, or friends, or simply give directions or public transport information.

Chairman of the City Corporation’s Community and Children’s Services Committee, Ruby Sayed, said:

 “Given its central Square Mile location, Guildhall is an ideal venue to help ensure the safety and well-being of women and girls in particular, and all who live in, work in, and visit, the City.

 “We are committed to protecting women and girls and want people to not only be safe but, feel safe. If you are feeling threatened, being harassed, are unwell, or just in need of some help, look for the Safe Haven sign on doors and windows.

 “I thank our officers from the Community and Children’s Services department for their hard work and commitment in bringing this initiative to fruition.”

 The Safe Haven scheme was designed specifically around women’s and girls’ safety, but safe havens are open to support anyone who is feeling vulnerable or needs help.

 Chair of the City of London Police Authority Board, James Thomson, said:

 “The safety and security of visitors, residents, and workers in the Square Mile is our number one priority.

 “The City of London Corporation is fully committed to preventing and ending violence against women and girls.

 “We work closely with the City of London Police and other organisations and businesses to ensure that the City is one of the safest places in the country.”

 Lady Mayoress, Elisabeth Mainelli, said:

“One of my key aims this year is to prevent violence against women and girls in the City.

“I am proud to support initiatives like this, which not only promote safety but also contribute to the larger goal of creating a City where everyone feels respected and protected.”

Safe Havens Project Lead at Safer Business Network, Beth Nash, said: 

“Safer Business Network is thrilled the Guildhall is being added to the list of safe havens in the City of London.

 “Safe Haven locations can prove instrumental in tackling violence against women and girls by simply offering a place of refuge for those in need to facilitate their onward journey, safely.”

 The Guildhall West Wing reception is open 24/7. The North Wing is open 8am to 6pm

Notes to Editors 

Picture caption from left to right:

Beth Nash, Safe Havens Project Lead at Safer Business Network, Judith Finlay, Director of Community & Children's Services at City of London Corporation, Simon Causer, Head of Security at City of London Corporation, Ian Thomas, Town Clerk and Chief Executive at City of London Corporation and Valeria Cadena, Community Safety Manager at City of London Corporation.

A list of Safe Havens in the Square Mile can be found here.

A list of Safe Havens in the Square Mile can be downloaded here for apple phones and here for android phones.

About the City of London Corporation:

The City of London Corporation is the governing body of the Square Mile dedicated to a vibrant and thriving City, supporting a diverse and sustainable London within a globally successful UK – www.cityoflondon.gov.uk