City of London Corporation to sign global pledge to dim lights in the Square Mile

The City of London Corporation will today (16 May) sign up to the LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) declaration to tackle light pollution.

The scheme will also commit the governing body of the Square Mile to use its planning powers to compel developers to cut the use of artificial light and save energy.

The international network of major cities known as LUCI includes 68 cities across the globe alongside City of London, including Paris, Seol and Shanghai.

The seven objectives of the Declaration support the City Corporation’s Climate Action Strategy, which supports the Square Mile as a whole to reach net zero by 2040. These include:

1.        Embracing Net Zero Lighting 

2.              Minimising light pollution

3.              Supporting health and well-being

4.              Progressing through public-private dialogue

5.              Increasing public engagement in development projects

6.              Integrating more light art into the public realm

7.              Greater consideration for lighting across urban planning policies

The City Corporation recently consulted on its Lighting Supplementary Planning Document, which will require developers to submit a detailed strategy for how buildings are lit. The City Corporation’s Considerate Lighting Charter will also ask existing property owners and occupants to make a commitment to turn lights off when not in use. A campaign to encourage local businesses to sign up to the charter will be launched in the coming months.

Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Planning and Transportation Committee, Shravan Joshi, said:

“Our strategy is aimed at ensuring an intelligent and sensitive approach to lighting, that balances the safety and accessibility of the City, with the preservation of local amenity and character.

“We wholeheartedly endorse the objectives set out in this Declaration and I would like to encourage local residents and businesses to sign up to the City’s Considerate Lighting Charter.”

Deputy Chair of the City Council of Jyväskylä (Finland) and President of LUCI, Meri Lumela, said:

"This document is the result of a year-long process in the LUCI Network, with many working groups and events, attended by hundreds of lighting professionals and city representatives.

“The orientations and solutions shared in this Declaration are intended to inspire and call to action cities around the world.”