City of London Corporation sets bold vision for sustainable investing and partnership growth

The City of London Corporation's Investment Committee Chairman, Andrien Meyers, will deliver a keynote speech tonight [26 February 2024] at the inaugural Investment Committee Dinner, highlighting the city's commitment to sustainable investing and fostering strategic partnerships for long-term prosperity. 

In a forward-looking announcement, Meyers revealed the City of London's intention to invest in "impact," exploring opportunities in sustainable infrastructure, social mobility funds, and renewable energy. These investments align with the City Corporation's mission to build a better, brighter future for the next generation.

As the steward of the city's investments, the Investment Committee ensures alignment with strategic goals while tracking performance and assessing financial outcomes. The committee's formation marks a strategic merger between the Property Investment Board and Financial Investment Board, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency and impact.

Meyers emphasized: “Our focus is not merely on financial returns, but on investments that benefit people and the planet. ‘Planning for Prosperity’ means fostering an inclusive environment where diversity thrives, supporting initiatives for net-zero emissions, and nurturing partnerships for economic growth.”

Highlighting the City's dedication to inclusivity and talent development, Meyers shared the success story of the Catalyst Education program, aimed at providing underprivileged students with opportunities in the investment industry. Supported by leading firms and partnerships with educational institutions, the program has already enrolled close to 100 students in over 30 schools, showcasing the City's commitment to creating pathways for success.

Addressing the urgency of climate action, Meyers outlined the City Corporation's ambitious targets for achieving net-zero emissions in its operations by 2027 and across its value chain by 2040. With strategic investments and engagement with fund managers, the City Corporation aims to lead by example in combating the climate crisis.

Moreover, Meyers underscored the significance of partnerships in driving innovation and economic development. He cited examples of collaboration, including support for businesses during the pandemic and transformative redevelopment projects across London. The City Corporation's commitment to leveraging partnerships for sustainable growth remains unwavering.

Meyers concluded, "Through 'Planning for Prosperity,' we envision a City of London that thrives on sustainable practices, inclusive growth, and robust partnerships. Together, we will shape a future where prosperity knows no bounds."


Notes to editors

The City of London Corporation is the governing body of the Square Mile dedicated to a vibrant and thriving City, supporting a diverse and sustainable London within a globally-successful UK. www.cityoflondon.gov.uk