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City of London Corporation hosts freight conference

City of London Corporation hosts Freight Conference

The City of London Corporation hosted its first annual Freight Conference for Facilities Managers yesterday (20 April) to discuss what changes can be made to make the City run more effectively. Introduced by the Chairman of the Policy and Resources, Mark Boleat, and chaired by the Chairman of the Planning and Transportation Committee, Chris Hayward, the event was attended by facilities and building managers from leading businesses from across the City. The event included presentations from Transport for London representatives and other leading professionals in the world of freight management.

Presentations covered a range of topics including the changing nature of freight movement across the City, how freight consolidation can work for City workers, and reviewing click-and-collect opportunities and how to make this work best for businesses.

The event was part of work the City Corporation is carrying out in support of the City’s emerging Freight Strategy. Freight vehicles make up 20% of traffic on City streets throughout the day, which has a significant impact on the City’s air quality, traffic congestion and road safety. The City of London Corporation is engaging with stakeholders to reduce the impact of freight vehicles while still allowing the City to flourish and retain its position as the world’s leading place to do business. Proposals include establishing collection centres across the City to make collection of delivered parcels by City workers easier, and more convenient.

Speaking on the conference, the Chairman of Planning and Transportation for the City of London Corporation, Chris Hayward, said:

“I’m immensely pleased how well attended this conference was – it shows the strong appetite in the City for building managers and the freight industry to discuss how we can both relieve congestion in the City, as well as make the Square Mile run more efficiently.

“I’m looking forward to developing the City’s freight strategy over the coming months to the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of people who work here.

“It is important that we continue innovating so that London remains the world’s leading financial centre.”