City Corporation responds to the Queen's Speech


Responding to the Queen’s Speech, Policy Chair of the City of London Corporation, Catherine McGuinness, said:


We welcome the proposals announced in today’s Queen’s Speech of an Online Safety Bill, which will ensure consumers are better protected by the devastating financial and emotional harm caused by scams. It is vital that the UK is the safest place in the world to be online so we hope that the final bill will guarantee that web platforms are responsible for ensuring that fraudulent content is not hosted on their sites.

“We all have a role to play in tackling scams and it is important that the financial services sector works closely with the Government on this vital issue. Together we must ensure people continue to benefit from being online and fight back against fraudsters.”


“We welcome the Government’s commitment to help create greater shared prosperity across the country. Ensuring equal opportunities for all has long been our mission as we believe it will only strengthen the UK’s position as a world-leading business hub.

“As a key part of the UK’s economy, London will continue to play a vital role in spreading prosperity across the country and driving forward our economic recovery, as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is therefore important that a levelling up agenda ensures investment is made right across the UK, including London.”


“While we welcome the Government’s drive to improve the supply of housing across the UK, it is important to ensure that the Planning Bill announced in today’s Queen’s Speech does not inadvertently undermine the success of commercial areas such as the City.

“The success of the City has been built on the benefits of agglomeration, and offices remain at the core of our business strategy. For London to continue to drive the economic recovery forward, it is vital that the balance between homes and offices is managed to sustain strategically important clusters of commercial activities such as those in the City of London.”

“The City Corporation cares for large tracts of open spaces that are of international importance and renowned for their historical and cultural significance so we welcome the commitment to protect these natural areas. Particularly during the national lockdown, its role as custodian of the ecology, biodiversity and heritage of its open spaces, has been incredibly important.”


“We welcome the Government’s plans to deliver eight freeports to boost investment, trade and jobs across the UK.

"The Thames Estuary Freeport is one such example and will be a springboard for regenerating one of the country’s most deprived areas through delivering much needed employment and economic activity.”