City Common Councilman wins at Grassroot Diplomat Award

Emma Edhem, Common Councilman at the City of London Corporation, picked up the top award at the 4th Annual Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Awards recently. The Awards recognise the achievements of outstanding diplomats and politicians who represent civilian interests in areas of policy, social awareness, and business development.

Emma was selected as a winner in the Business Driver category from a 20-strong list. It meant she actively participated in supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs and young people as one of the measures to recover from the economic downturn. She was praised for her work with the Turkish-British Chambers of Commerce and Industry (TBCCI) in becoming leading facilitators of bilateral trade and investment. She also helped set up new initiatives to help drive young entrepreneurs, young city financiers and professionals towards economic and social development.

Emma is the first representative of the Corporation to be shortlisted from over 100 government leaders at the Awards and is also the first Chairman of a Chamber of Commerce to make the shortlist.

Emma Edhem said:

“I am deeply honoured to win the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry play a vital role in linking the business community and local government while also supporting international trade and investment. I am committed in supporting the development of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and I regard this award as tremendous endorsement for everyone contribution to this work.”

Emma sits on the Planning and Transportation Committee, Streets and Walkways, Licensing and Community and Children’s Committee at the City of London Corporation. She has been a barrister for over 22 years and Deputy Head of International Law in the biggest barristers chambers in the UK, NO 5 Chambers, dealing with geopolitical, business and fiancé law. Emma was elected as the first female Chairman of the TBCCI in November 2012.

Grassroot Diplomat is a non-profit diplomatic consultancy with the mission to build trust and strengthen relationships between governments and civil society.