Andrien Meyers has been elected as Chair of Investment Committee

Andrien Meyers has been elected as the new Chair of the City of London Corporation’s Investment Committee.

The committee will ensure that the City Corporation's investments are managed effectively and in line with the desired strategic direction that aligns with the corporation’s goals and objectives. It will be responsible for tracking the performance of these investments, evaluating their progress, and assessing their financial outcomes.

The Investment Committee is a new committee and a merger of what was once the Property Investment Board and Financial Investment Board.  

Currently, Andrien is Head of Pensions Investments in Local Government and has advisory and non-executive roles in the investment industry. He also dedicates his time to enhancing social mobility and charitable causes.

He represents the Ward of Aldgate in the City of London, and Chairs the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee.

Chair of the Investment Committee, Andrien Meyers said:

“I am truly honoured and excited to be elected as the Chair of the City of London Corporation's Investment Committee. This appointment signifies a great opportunity to contribute to the strategic oversight and performance monitoring of the City Corporation's investments. In particular welcoming new business opportunities into the City, our road to net zero and supporting the Lord Mayor with ambitions for a UK Growth Fund."

“I am committed to leveraging my extensive experience in finance and investment to ensure the best outcomes for the City and its stakeholders. I look forward to working collaboratively with the committee and making informed decisions that drive value and benefit the City of London."