Revealed: Organisations shortlisted for Lord Mayor’s award championing trust in business

A world leading manufacturer, an internationally recognised communications agency, and a major bank are just some of the organisations shortlisted for this year’s special Lord Mayor’s award celebrating trust in business.

The City of London Corporation, which runs the Annual Dragon Awards celebrating responsible business practices, has announced the shortlist for a new award that was launched this year to coincide with Lord Mayor Charles Bowman’s theme for the year.

The Lord Mayor’s Award – Business of Trust Champion, recognises businesses that are championing responsible business practices to create a lasting legacy of better business trusted by society.

This award is open to all businesses across the UK and the shortlisted applicants are:



Black Sun plc

Enforcd Limited

Metro Bank


The shortlist includes SMEs and large corporate firms from a variety of sectors.

Over the last 30 years, many responsible businesses have applied for a Dragon Award in a range of different categories reflecting responsible business practice. These businesses have helped over 10 million people, mobilising 200,000 business volunteers and giving nearly £250 million in donations and in-kind support to London’s communities.

Previous winners reported winning new contracts, improved internal relationships, stronger reputations and increased positive PR as a result of taking part in the scheme.

Charles Bowman, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, said:

“To ensure its sustainability, business must strengthen its connections with society.

“We live in a world where trust is low, but expectations are high. Business has a key role to play in bridging this divide.

“The applicants for my award demonstrate the fantastic work already underway. However, more can always be done. I want to see more firms demonstrating their purpose, implementing our guiding principles and helping to create better business, trusted by society.”

David Amory MSc, Global Head of Marketing at AESSEAL®, added:

“Being shortlisted for the Lord Mayors Dragon Awards is a great honour for AESSEAL. Our business is built on a foundation of customer service, trust and ethical practice, it is fantastic for this to be recognised.”

All applicants will be invited to Mansion House in September where the winner will receive a prestigious ‘Dragon’ from the City’s Lord Mayor, Charles Bowman.

Since they were founded in 1987, the Awards have attracted high quality applications from a variety of organisations across London – from SMEs to big City firms.

The Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards celebrate business impact in society, from increasing the diversity of their workforce to volunteering in the community to helping social enterprises to grow.

The Awards form one part of the City of London Corporation’s commitment to working in partnership with businesses, charities and neighbouring boroughs to create a more responsible, inclusive and competitive London.

As part of this drive, the City Corporation funds Heart of the City, a charity supporting London’s SMEs to start their own responsible business programmes.

It also works closely with the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, which runs City Giving Day, a celebration of the City of London’s philanthropic and responsible business activities.


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Notes to Editors:

AESSEAL - AESSEAL® is one of the world's leading specialists in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals, bearing protectors, seal support systems and gland packing. AESSEAL® aim to exceed all customer expectations in delivery, quality, reliability and service and above all else, as a business that is reliable and can be trusted. The firm also offers an extensive apprenticeship programme with a long record of attracting young people into apprenticeships through its ‘grow your own’ initiative. AESSEAL® regularly holds events such as apprenticeship open days, opening its doors to the public. AESSEAL also supports the ‘Women in Engineering’ programmes at the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University and Queen’s University Belfast.

BlackRock - BlackRock is one of the world’s leading asset managers with its European headquarters in the City of London, managing over $6 trillion worldwide on behalf of governments, charities, pensioners and everyday savers from all walks of life. Their mission is to create a better financial future for their clients. Trust is fundamental to its business and the importance of this principle is enshrined in the company’s values. It works and invests only for its clients and its fiduciary duty is the benchmark by which it earns ongoing trust.

Black Sun plc - Founded in 1991, with 100 employees, Black Sun is an internationally recognised, market leading stakeholder communications agency. It delivers stakeholder communication programmes that change perceptions, influence behaviours and create business advantages by building greater trust and confidence with investors. It organises and hosts various events which help it to promote the benefits of improved transparency and disclosure in building corporate trust. By being a promoter of trust through the creation of truthful, authentic reporting and communication, the firm believes that their efforts help change the conversation and ultimately drive better more, informed decision-making.

Enforcd Limited - Enforcd is a regtech firm operating in the financial services sector. Its ambition is to change the financial services industry for good. Its service allows firms complying with financial regulation to keep abreast of regulatory developments and effectively communicate them to relevant teams within their organisation. The Enforcd platform, Teamwork function and app work pull together key thinking in the industry on regulatory issues from over 20 law firms and consultancies, and build out a library of advice, analysis and news linked to themes founded on a central database of enforcement actions from over 30 regulators. All content can be shared beyond compliance teams to sales, local branch workers, or traders: anyone who needs to know what their duties are in terms of market conduct and treating customers fairly. Enforcd allows firms to crowdsource initiatives to combat bad practice.

Metro Bank - Metro Bank launched in 2009 when trust in banking was at an all-time low. Metro Bank set out to change this from the very start. From who it recruited, to how it conducted itself, to the products and services it offered, everything was built around establishing trust. Metro Bank states Trust goes to the heart of what they do and its culture is its key differentiator. They hire people for attitude and train for skill, meaning they look for colleagues who are passionate about doing the right thing for customers.

Reincubate - Reincubate enables people to access their data from apps and devices, which would otherwise be inaccessible. The company’s mission is to democratise access to app data, so individuals and companies can do more with their data on a transparent and ethical basis. It has helped millions of users ranging from individuals recovering priceless family photos or voicemails from deceased relatives through to police forces and anti-corruption units using our technology to uncover evidence of serious crimes and to aid prosecutions. The firm actively encourages customers to promote measures to enhance user trust to their own clients, such as the promotion of two-factor authentication.