Q&A: Business Administration and Events Apprentice within the City of London Corporation

1.Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Catherine McGovern and I work as the Business Administration and Events Apprentice within the City of London Corporation. I started working during lockdown (April 2020); a weird and uncertain time to start an apprenticeship. However, when I look back at the last 10 months the things I have learned and achieved within this room is pretty amazing!

2. What kind of apprenticeship are you doing at the moment?

The qualification I am taking is a Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship. My role involves managing everything from the City’s finance systems to coordinating virtual events to writing assignments – all of which I had to learn and deliver within the four walls of my room! No day is really ever the same within my job as there is always lots going on and many different areas for me to get involved in. One exciting project I am involved in at the moment, is the development of a website for users to find and list opportunities and resources.

4. Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

Doing an apprenticeship gives the opportunity for you grow within a job and explore the careers and jobs that you are interested in. At the beginning and throughout your apprenticeship you work with your manager and trainer to identify areas you would like to improve in but also explore and create a training plan in order to help you achieve this.

5. What surprised you the most about your role/apprenticeship?

What I was most surprised about was the vast range of abilities of apprentices around me, some with master’s and degrees while others who had just left school. I learnt that apprenticeships are really for anyone and everyone looking to achieve a well-respected qualification while receiving invaluable work experience through their job role. www.londoncareersfestival.org.uk

6. What has been your biggest learning curve?

When I took the job, I did not truly realise the opportunities I was about to be given and learning journey I was about to embark on. From the first day my team were asking about my opinions and ideas, something I did not think would happen. My opinions have always been welcomed, treated as valid and implemented where appropriate. Also, I have received numerous positive comments about my work from my team as well as stakeholders both internally and externally. This has grown my confidence immensely in terms of my ability, work, potential and has better allowed me to use my voice.

7. Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others and why?

I would encourage everyone to explore all their options to find the best fit for them. The London Careers Festival is the perfect place to find all these opportunities, as there is such a variety of offers, such as, apprenticeships, higher education and an array of industry sectors and employers. As someone who works closely with the team who deliver this festival, I can confirm that the offers being provided are extremely high quality and all free. I wish I had something like this when I was back in school!

8. Anything else?

I would advise young people to challenge yourself, network, ask questions, embrace every opportunity, involve yourself in projects that you are interested in and really showcase to people what you can offer.

If I enjoy it so much working from home, I can only imagine how much I will like it when I eventually get into the office!