Policy Chairman, commenting on the one year anniversary of the EU referendum

Catherine McGuinness, Policy Chairman at the City of London Corporation, commenting on the one year anniversary of the EU referendum, said:

“Change and uncertainty are the main challenges that City firms have had to deal with over the course of the last year. This has resulted in a lot of time and resources spent trying to solve countless complexities, the readying of contingency plans, and making sure it is business as normal for customers and clients.

“However, in terms of what the City wants – economic growth and jobs being created - not much has changed. We have been crystal clear with our asks during the Brexit negotiations – mutual two-way market access, an early agreement on a transitional deal to help businesses avoid a cliff-edge, and maintaining the ability to hire the brightest and best from overseas.

“Financial and professional services remain an integral part of the UK economy, accounting for 2.2 million jobs across the country and £71.4 billion in tax revenues. In order to remain the number one global financial centre and to continue investing in businesses across the economy, the City now more than ever must speak up for what it wants from the negotiations. We need a deal which works for the UK and the EU 27, and want to see the Government put the needs of the economy as a priority.”