New “Reframe the Night” campaign aims to prevent harassment in Square Mile and Hackney

Residents, visitors and late-night businesses in the City of London and Hackney are being encouraged to “Reframe the Night” as part of a collaborative poster and social media campaign to prevent harassment on nights out during the festive season.

The Reframe the Night campaign, led by the City of London Corporation, Hackney Council and Good Night Out, challenges some of the common myths about harassment in night-time spaces.

The scheme sees posters displayed in pubs, clubs, bars, and cafés, promoting a safer and more inclusive night-time environment, and including information on how to report harassment and to seek support if you have been affected.

Good Night Out, an independent organisation which works with bars, clubs and student unions to help them better understand and respond to sexual harassment in their venues, has developed the messaging - drawing from their extensive research and experience in tackling sexual harassment in night-time spaces.

In one example, the messaging ensures the onus is on the perpetrator and tackles the damage culture of victim-blaming.

Alongside the campaign, training has been funded through the Late-Night Levy to be delivered by Good Night Out Campaign. It will be offered to licensed venues signed up to the City Corporation’s Safety Thirst Scheme and will run in February 2020, raising awareness of how licensed venues should respond to sexual harassment, and ensuring victims receive appropriate care and support.

Doug Barrow, Chairman of the City Corporation’s Safer City Partnerships Strategy Group, said:

“Sexual harassment is completely unacceptable in the City or anywhere else. It has a profound impact on the victim, affecting every aspect of their life. Many people affected by sexual violence blame themselves and question whether they could have done something differently to prevent the incident from occurring.

“These views are reinforced within society by myths and beliefs about sexual harassment. Reframe the Night aims to challenge these, putting the blame and responsibility back on the perpetrator, not the victim.”

Samantha Mathys, Hackney Council’s Licensing Team Leader, said:

“We’re thrilled to be working with the City of London Corporation and Good Night Out to launch our first campaign under Hackney Council’s new night time safety charter, Hackney Nights.

“Campaigns that promote positive behaviour change, like “Reframe the Night”, will go hand-in-hand with training, resources and additional police presence to help protect local residents, visitors and businesses from crime and anti-social behaviour. These are just some of the ways that the Late-Night Levy is helping to promote a safer night time economy.”

Bryony Beynon, Managing Director, Good Night Out Campaign, said:

“There are many myths surrounding sexual harassment in nightlife, which all-too-often place the blame on the person who has been targeted, not the person choosing to harass or assault them.

“We know from training hundreds of licensed premises that creating a culture of belief, support and accountability is paramount for prevention. Through this partnership with Hackney Council and the City Corporation, we are supporting education and skills across local nightlife, encouraging the industry and the public to “reframe” these damaging ideas.”

For more information and support services please visit: www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/reframethenight

If you need support around harassment, you can:

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