New Chair elected for Open Spaces and West Ham Park Committees

Caroline Haines has taken over as Chair of the City of London Corporation’s Open Spaces and City Gardens Committee, as well as the West Ham Park Committee. 

Mrs Haines, who was previously Deputy Chair of both committees, succeeds Oliver Sells. She has been at the City Corporation as a Member for over five years. Her other City Corporation responsibilities include being Chair of the Education Board as well as serving on the Port Health & Environmental Services Committee, Policy and Resources Committee and the Culture Heritage and Libraries Committee, amongst other City Corporation boards.

Caroline Haines, newly appointed Chair of the City Corporation’s Open Spaces and City Gardens Committee, and West Ham Park Committee said:

“I’m delighted to take on responsibility for chairing both of these committees for the benefit of locals and visitors to these great green spaces. Over the last three years as Deputy Chair, I’ve seen how passionate people are about their local open space and what great teams we have running these green gems.

“The value of having space to relax and exercise has never been clearer to us all. Our open spaces have such broad, vast biodiversity which continues to increase and contribute greatly towards tackling climate change as part of our ambitious climate action strategy . 

“Hampstead Heath, Epping Forest, and West Ham Park are some of London’s best, welcoming communities from across the capital and beyond. Our City gardens are cherished by so many, and provide a haven for workers in the once again busy office environments.

“I would like to thank Oliver Sells for his service as Chairman engaging with our many committees, forums and user groups. His passion for these spaces, and West Ham Park in particular, has been evident for all to see.”

Mrs Haines also sits on the City of London Academies Trust Board of Trustees.

With a strong interest in the education sector, after graduating from Cambridge and moving through different levels of management in London and Essex schools she became Head Teacher of a 16-19 institution.

Moving into consultancy, a commitment to opportunity and diversity led to a focus on advising on opening up access to elite Universities, devising Post 16 curriculum frameworks and enabling marketing, media and development projects.

Involvement with troubled youngsters and their families led to representation on the IMB at Belmarsh HSP, co-ordination of creative design projects at East Sutton Park HWP, the Windsor Fellowship and other social inclusion schemes.

She currently serves as Chair of Governor’s at the City Corporation’s 16-19 Academy, Newham Collegiate Sixth Form College and also Chairs the annual London Careers Festival for the City of London Corporation.

The City Corporation manages over 11,000 acres of open space in London and south east England, including Epping Forest, West Ham Park and Hampstead Heath, and over 200 smaller sites in the Square Mile, investing over £38m a year.

The City Corporation’s green spaces, most of which are charitable trusts, are run at little or no cost to the communities that they serve. 

They include important wildlife habitats, Special Areas of Conservation, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and National Nature Reserves.

They remove around 16,000 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere a year, equivalent to 44% of the City Corporation’s annual carbon footprint.

They are protected from being built on by special legislation.


Notes to editors

The City of London Corporation is the governing body of the Square Mile dedicated to a vibrant and thriving City, supporting a diverse and sustainable London within a globally-successful UK.

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