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Letter to the FT re quality of apprenticeships

Quality over quantity will make apprenticeships fit for purpose

Gill Plimmer’s report on the quality of apprenticeships (9th October) highlights the concern felt by many employers in high skilled professions. Apprenticeships represent an opportunity for firms to diversify their workforce and benefit from practical skills, but there needs to be a greater emphasis on quality rather than quantity. The City of London Corporation carried out some initial research of top City firms. While most of these businesses were enthusiastic about apprenticeships for clerical, administration, IT and marketing roles, they felt existing vocational frameworks were not applicable and did not cover the competencies required for the higher level roles within the financial and legal sectors. In order for apprenticeships to become a credible alternative to a degree, more employer input is needed to shape the training schemes, matching them to the skills that will boost economic productivity as well as social mobility.

Mark Boleat

Policy Chairman of the City of London Corporation

Full Sutton Trust report on apprenticeships found here