Letter to Ham&High: Update on Model Boating Pond temporary dam

I am writing to update readers following last week’s story on the temporary dam at the Model Boating Pond.

The temporary dam is designed to separate the north and south sides of the pond. It gives contractors BAM Nuttall the space to carry out works to ensure that the existing earth dam does not fail, as is required by law.

There are a number of factors that can put stress on a temporary structure like this, such as water pressure and ground conditions.

For these reasons, the temporary dam was monitored regularly - especially during the period the contractors were draining the pond - and because conditions were not completely correct, action was taken to rectify the situation.

Contractors BAM Nuttall have temporarily re-filled the southern end of the pond before reinforcing the temporary dam. We do not expect this work to cause delay to the overall delivery of the Ponds Project.

I understand that at this time, many Heath users are having to put up with disruption – particularly around the Model Boating Pond. But once the project is completed, the Heath will be a safer place for downstream residents and the ponds will benefit from greater ecological diversity, better views and paths, new reed beds and other wildlife habitats - and cleaner water.

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Virginia Rounding
Chairman, Hampstead Heath Management Committee, City of London Corporation