Letter to Camden New Journal: Ensuring the Heath is fit for the future

To reassure readers, we are not closing services on the Heath and we will continue to provide a first class experience for our visitors across the site.

Like any accountable public services provider we have a responsibility to make sure we are providing an efficient and effective service, in order to achieve the best results for our local communities in the long term.

A review of services on the Heath has identified some that could be run more efficiently, supplemented by income generation in some areas, which would be re-invested back into Heath services. We are now running a staff consultation asking for their views, ideas and suggestions on how they think we can do this in the best way.

We will continue to operate the Parliament Hill Playground, Adventure Playground, the One O’Clock Club and education services, with a stronger focus on wildlife and the Heath’s natural environment. This will be a real benefit for young people from the Heath’s surrounding communities.

The Hampstead Heath Ponds Project, which we are required to deliver, does not impact on the Heath operational budget and therefore, has no impact on the delivery of other services on the site.

We will continue to deliver a net spend of over £4million a year through the Hampstead Heath charitable trust.

Sue Ireland

Director of Green Spaces, City of London Corporation