Dog owner fined for attack on Hampstead Heath

A Hampstead man has paid out £870 after his out-of-control dog attacked a walker and his pooch on Hampstead Heath.

The City of London Corporation, which manages Hampstead Heath, prosecuted Armando Pereira at Highbury Corner Magistrate’s Court under Heath bylaws on Tuesday 13 December.

Pereira pleaded guilty towards the offence and was fined £250, with £500 costs, a £90 compensation fee and a £30 victim surcharge.

Bob Warnock, the City of London Corporation’s Superintendent of Hampstead Heath said:

“We have a duty to protect visitors and their dogs on Hampstead Heath and ensure that it is a safe environment for everybody to enjoy.

“Hampstead Heath gets over one million dog visits a year and the vast majority are led by highly responsible dog walkers. But being confronted by an animal that is out of control can be a terrifying experience and we do not tolerate visitors that cannot keep their dogs under proper control.”

Hampstead Heath is located 3.5 miles from Trafalgar Square and receives over 7 million visits a year. The City Corporation spends more than £5 million a year to maintain the Heath which includes a zoo, an athletics track, an education centre, extensive children's facilities, three swimming ponds and a Lido.

The City of London Corporation manages 11,000 acres of green space across London and south east England, including Epping Forest and Burnham Beeches, with many of its sites designated National nature Reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest for their unique ecology and rare plant species.


Notes to editors

Total payout of Armando Pereira

Fine: £250

Costs: £500

Victim Surcharge: £30

Compensation: £90

Media enquiries

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