City responds to Mayor of London's air pollution report: Understanding the health impacts of air pollution in London

Wendy Mead, Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Environment Committee, said:

“The Mayor’s air pollution report shows that nitrogen oxides have a direct impact on Londoners’ life expectancy, and suggests more people are dying prematurely due to exposure to air pollution than previously calculated. Diesel is a significant problem.

“We need to move further and faster on reducing pollution from diesel vehicles, and a review of the Vehicle Excise Duty, and other policies which encourage people to drive diesel cars rather than petrol, is immediately needed. Air pollutants, like nitrogen oxides and particulate matter urgently need to be taken into account. And we need government assistance for the transition to low and zero emission vehicles, particularly for taxis.”

“There is a strong desire from City businesses and residents to see a major improvement in London’s air quality and green infrastructure. That’s why we, along with other London local authorities, are helping in Defra’s push to meet EU target levels on No2 by cleaning up fleets, banning idling engines, regulating construction activity and using our planning powers to ensure new buildings are energy efficient and low emission.”