City Corporation residents get advice on damp and mould prevention

Residents in City of London Corporation-managed housing estates are being offered help to tackle damp and mould.

There are several reasons why damp and mould can occur in homes, including poor ventilation, and too much moisture in the air.

The City Corporation’s Property Services Team has contacted every resident in its social housing homes offering advice and asking them to report any signs.

Every case will be properly investigated, with officers visiting homes to identify the causes and offer guidance.

If a repair is needed, remedial works will be completed within seven working days of an order being placed.

The City Corporation is a social landlord, managing 12 housing estates across the Square Mile and six London boroughs.

Leaflets have been sent to each home to advise residents to follow these steps:

  1. Let fresh air into your home and allow moisture out
  2. Minimise moisture in the air by switching on extractor fans when cooking or after showering or bathing
  3. Dry washing on a clothes horse in the bathroom and open a window or put the extractor fan on
  4. Wipe condensation off windows and windowsills
  5. Open windows when using your tumble dryer and make sure the hose is outside

Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Community and Children’s Services Committee, Ruby Sayed, said:

“We take every report of damp and mould very seriously and we want our residents to know that we are here to support them.

“If you spot signs in your home, please report it to us immediately and we will fix the problem.”

Residents can report any issues to the City Corporation’s Property Services Team by email at, by telephone on 0800 035 0003, or through an online form at:

The City Corporation is also addressing sources of mould as part of its wider £95million housing major works programme.

Its teams are inspecting, repairing, or replacing defective gutters and downpipes, and installing specialist humidity extractor fans in new kitchens and bathrooms, as well as replacing windows and fitting new heating systems.

If you rent a property from the private sector please find advice on damp and mould available at:

For those living in City of London Corporation-managed housing estates, further advice on damp and mould issues is available at: