City Corporation releases sustainability study on redevelopment options for London Wall West

Ahead of the next round of consultation on planning proposals for the future of the London Wall West, the City of London Corporation has today (31 May) published the evidence base for a full redevelopment of the site.

London Wall West is comprised of Bastion House (a 1970s office block) and the current home of the Museum of London, which will become vacant, as the museum plans to move to West Smithfield.

In line with the City Corporation’s Climate Action Strategy, specialist external consultants were appointed to rigorously consider the sustainability and viability of various options for the London Wall West site, from light touch refurbishment to a full redevelopment.

Releasing this kind of report in the middle of the public consultation process is unprecedented, as it would normally be published when the final planning application is submitted.

The early release of this report demonstrates the City Corporation’s commitment to transparency and delivering a robust consultation process.

The report’s main conclusions include:

  • Fully retaining the existing buildings is discounted as an option due to structural issues, fire safety, very poor energy performance and the limited uses which would be possible at the site.
  • On a per-square metre basis, the Whole Lifecycle Carbon Emissions of the full redevelopment option are 10% lower compared to the part-demolition/part-retention scheme.
  • This full redevelopment option would also deliver greater benefits, including new community and cultural space, urban greening and biodiversity initiatives, better access to the historic Roman wall and provision of affordable workspace to support growing businesses with a focus on the arts and culture sector.
  • Redevelopment allows for a larger, more efficient scheme within the same height and massing constraints because the new buildings are not constrained by the existing road configuration or substructure.
  • On balance, redevelopment is therefore considered to be the preferred option for the site.

Policy Chairman at the City Corporation, Chris Hayward, said:

“The unprecedented early release of this report underscores the City Corporation’s commitment to assess the sustainability of different options for this site and to be as transparent as possible during the consultation process.

“It also delivers on my personal pledge to reset our relationship with our residential communities.

“With the Museum of London planning to move and Bastion House falling below the standards expected for an office block, it is important to find a viable new future for the site.

“The proposals could offer a vibrant, thriving and inclusive space, delivering high-quality workspace, a cultural programme and improved public spaces, footpaths and highwalks, maximising the potential of London Wall West while balancing sustainability issues.”

The City of London Corporation has been consulting on plans for the London Wall West site since spring 2021, after plans for the Centre for Music proved unfeasible.

The next round of consultation on the proposals is due to begin in the coming weeks. Following this consultation, an application will be submitted to the City Corporation’s Planning and Transportation Committee.

You can see the full report on the London Wall West project website.

The report was commissioned by the City of London Corporation and prepared by the design team for the London Wall West project, with engineering advice and preliminary whole lifecycle carbon analysis provided by Buro Happold.

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About the City of London Corporation:

The City of London Corporation is the governing body of the Square Mile dedicated to a vibrant and thriving City, supporting a diverse and sustainable London within a globally-successful UK. www.cityoflondon.gov.uk

About Chris Hayward:

Throughout his career Chris Hayward has worked in the construction, aviation, infrastructure and global events management sectors.

He is currently a Director at leading communications agency JBP, a Director at professional services consulting firm WSP in the UK and Director of Hayward Properties Limited.

He is a former Deputy Leader of Hertfordshire and Dorset County Councils.

As Policy Chairman, he will effectively operate as the political Leader of the City Corporation.