Changing Seasons – An exhibition of Epping Forest inspired art

Epping Forest has inspired a husband and wife team, two very different artists, to be creative through the eye of a camera lens and through textile art, with an exhibition at The View, Rangers Road, Chingford, running until 26 March.

Carole Nunes is a former stained glass artist who moved into textile design six years ago. During 2014 she exhibited in both France and London and enjoys living near Epping Forest, a wonderful source of inspiration. Her images are mainly organic from the natural world, encompassing some landscape but in this case more detailed and close up studies and observations. The works comprise a combination of prints, hand and machine embroidery and batik.

Architect, artist and photographer Jan Chlebek has worked, studied and exhibited in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Now living in the Borough of Waltham Forest and the South of France, he concentrates on the interaction between painting and photography, particularly in relation to composition, colour and texture. Motivated by seeing beyond the superficial image, his interest between surface and underlying structure has led to the exploration between the built environment on the one hand, and the natural environment on the other: man-made versus organic and the synthesis between these two concepts. As ancient woodland, Epping Forest lends itself to this philosophy perfectly.

Jan said: “Although we work in different disciplines, our activities overlap so much as Carole will use some of my photographic images and abstract designs as motivating factors for certain pieces of work. I appreciate Carole’s sense of colour. In addition she can draw – producing a natural economy of line capturing landscapes and buildings both in graphite and stitch.”

The contrasting work of this artistic duo conjures up the Forest and recaptures the echoes of the woodland. See the ‘Changing Seasons’ exhibition at The View, Rangers Road, Chingford E4 7QH.